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Devon | Lifelong Pal

So I'm going to start off this post with a little personal information about me. I absolutely LOVE animals. Especially dogs, and more particularly, corgi breeds. Each breed of dog has their own little personality, and I just love how corgis are. I have a corgi/pug mix, he is 2 years old. Let me tell you, he is my entire world. This dog is my absolute best pal and sidekick, I cannot imagine life without him Heck, I even have his face tattooed on my forearm!

Okay, so the whole point of this blog post. I am in a lot of corgi groups on Facebook, from when I was searching for one. I came across a post about a woman with a corgi, Devon, which had just been diagnosed with lymphoma and given only a few weeks left to live. Seeing that post, sadness came over me, and I offered my photography services to this woman who was grieving. I couldn't even imagine what she was going though.

I met up with Margaret at her home. There was little Devon, laying in a corner of the kitchen. He didn't walk well and breathing was difficult for him. She scooped him up and took him outside and sat him on the grass. I took many photos and gave him lots of pets. HE was the sweetest little dude. Margaret and I were talking, and she had gotten him as a puppy, 14 years ago. I tried so hard not to burst into tears the entire time, it's like I could feel her pain. She cried, held him tight and gave him many treats.

I was honored to capture some of his last moments here, with his human. I cried when I left, and I bawled my eyes out while editing these. It makes me cringe thinking about the day my dog isn't around anymore. My heart hurts for her. I took these images, because I feel as though that's something I would want if I were in that situation. I have been thinking of Margaret and Devon a lot, and I hope that she finds peace whenever she looks at these photos of her lifelong pal.


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