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Making the McClaughertys

9.22.18, the day that Erin + Thane said "I do"!

This little farm land wedding was to die for! It took place on Erin's families property, complete with an old farm house and vintage trucks laying around the grounds! The fact that it was a sentimental place made this whole wedding that much more special. This was not some extravagant wedding with way over done decor and a fancy smanshy venue (which there is nothing wrong with!). This was a comfortable, very simple yet very detailed wedding, which are my most favorite weddings to capture.

They got married under a big tree that sat next to the old farm house. When Thane saw Erin walk down the aisle, he started tearing up, and I was sure I was going to cry, too. I'm pretty sure his reaction is what every girl dreams for on their wedding day. The vows were filled with seriously sweet things, along with some pretty humorous lines. Both sides of their family were super nice and sweet, it was a great wedding!

Their reception was killer! They had a barbecue spread and lots of beer! After the sweet first dance, then dances with parents, they let loose. So much dancing and laughing, everyone was having a blast! You could really tell throughout the entire wedding that these two were meant to be. Erin + Thane are one of the sweetest couples I have ever met, and I am so happy I got to document their big day!

Here's some favorites below!

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